Staying safe.

Here at MooScooters, safety comes first. Follow our 5 basic rules and ride with caution to protect yourself and others.


1. Wear a helmet.

Always wear a helmet, even in hot weather and for short journeys. It's an essential piece of kit to protect you from injury.  Please make sure the helmet is securely fastened. A hat or cap will not protect you in the same way and may get blown off during your ride.

If you ride the scooter without a helmet you do so at your own risk. We want you to be safe and enjoy the ride.


2. Check your scooter.

Before you ride, give your scooter's moving parts a quick safety inspection. If there is a problem, please report this to us on the app on your phone and try to locate another nearby scooter.

We really appreciate your co-operation.

3. Setting off & stopping.

If you are new to the scooter it is best to find a quiet location away from traffic to practise setting off and stopping.

It is really easy to set off with one foot on the platform and using the other foot to kick off from the ground while keeping the accelerator lever (on the right of the handlebar) pressed down. Simply step onto the platform with both feet once the scooter is moving. Pressing the accelerator lever down will control the boost and speed. There is a brake on the left that will slow you down, just like with a bicycle, and a foot brake you can press down on with your heel, useful for a quick or emergency stop.


4. Obey traffic laws.

If no cycle lane is available, use the road but never ride on the pavement. Follow all street signs and be mindful of pedestrians.  Please use caution and be aware of other vehicles and road hazards including tram tracks.

It is safer to stay over to the side of the road near to the pavement.

5. Park considerately.

Leave a clear path for pedestrians, buggies and wheelchairs. Please park your scooter in designated parking areas or, if there is no designated parking area, near to the curb, upright and facing forward, near trees or street signs. Avoid parking your scooter next to junctions or in front of shops or businesses that forbid parking. Try to avoid uneven surfaces or steep inclines as this may cause the scooter to fall over.

If you see a scooter that has fallen over, we would love you to stand it upright again for other scooter users.


Don't carry passengers.

MooScooters allow only one rider at a time, this also applies to adults trying to carry a small child on the front of the scooter platform. Please don’t attempt this.

Don't drink and ride.

Using a scooter after drinking alcohol is dangerous and illegal. Never carry items over your handlebars or carry anything in your hands such as cups of coffee or water as this can affect your control of the scooter and will cause danger to you and other road users, and pedestrians. It is always best and far safer to use a small backpack to carry items on your back when using the scooter, if you need to carry anything at all.

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