MooScooters is a dockless scooter sharing service providing an innovative way to move around in cities. We provide a method of personal transport that is easy to use, cheap, convenient, safe and great for the environment.


Our vision.

The aim of MooScooters is to get people out of cars and taxis and onto eco-friendly electric-powered kick scooters. We take the implications of urban pollution and the global climate change crisis seriously. We are passionate advocates of the ambitions of the 2015 Paris Agreement and are strongly aware of the recent United Nations warning about the need for urgent global action to combat global warming. Low-energy electric scooters can play an important role in reducing carbon emissions from urban transport, while also improving local air quality and promoting more active lifestyles.

By opening up the option of scooter share to the public we are actively encouraging an alternative method of transport that is simple, green and safe. This can reduce the use of cars and taxis in city areas for people taking trips where distances are prohibitive or offputting for walking. The scooter makes that journey easy with zero pollution and very low carbon emissions.

How the service works.

People can pick up and hire a scooter via our easy-to-use mobile phone app. There is a simple sign-up process where users register and are provided with essential safety information. To enrol on the MooScooters service, people must be aged 18 or over and hold a valid driver’s licence. Users are instructed to observe their country’s usual traffic regulations and are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet for maximum safety. MooScooters can provide helmets for regular users for an additional fee.

Our scooter sharing service enables people to travel effortlessly through the streets of their city, parking the scooter at their destination, where it can then be hired by another user. Scooters are powered by a safe electric motor and are self-balancing. Users unlock and re-lock scooters via our mobile phone app. Each scooter has its own unique code and GPS tag to enable fleet management.

Scooters are not used on public footpaths but on the road or in designated cycle lane zones. We cooperate with local transport administration authorities to agree the zones where they can and cannot be operated. These zones are then clearly illustrated to users on the map featured in our mobile app.

Charging the scooters’ power packs is carried out overnight by members of the public who sign up for our charger scheme. They are paid for each scooter collected, charged and deposited at designated safe drop zones. The scooters are serviced and maintained by our own team of technicians, and any faults can be immediately reported by users and chargers through the app.

Where we're going.

We are currently planning to launch our first dockless scooter share scheme in Amsterdam in early 2019. This will be a fleet of 300 scooters initially. We are also looking to bring MooScooters to a number of other major European cities in the near future, including locations in Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy.

As a UK-based company, we are also eager to roll out our service in our home country. We are excited about the potential that scooter sharing has for reducing traffic congestion in London and other big British cities.

However, UK law does not currently allow scooters to be used on a public highway. We are currently in discussions with the transport authorities to facilitate the changes necessary to make electric scooter hire possible here.

We are excited to introduce MooScooters to new locations. The world needs innovative solutions to the enormous challenges of climate change, pollution and urban congestion. By transforming the way we travel around our cities, our scooter sharing service can be part of the solution.

Keeping you in the loop.

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