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Electric scooter hire from Moo.
The smart, swift, simple way to get around.


How it works.

Once you’ve registered on the MooScooters app, you’re ready to roll. Get going with our electric scooters in a few easy steps.

Get the app.

The mooscooters app is your key to getting on the move. Its live map shows you where your nearest available scooter is when you need a ride. And it's what you use to unlock your scooter and re-lock when you've arrived.

Download the app for free now on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Our scooters.

You’re in for an easy ride. MooScooters are pre-charged, powering you smoothly and easily from A to B.

Whether you’re skipping across town or commuting to work, our scooters make the journey effortless.


Stay safe.

Wearing a helmet and following our usage rules are essential for safety when using our scooters.

Keeping you, pedestrians and other road users out of trouble and out of harm’s way.

Keeping you in the loop.

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